Excursion to Peulla

The excursions to Peulla leave every day of the year from Puerto Varas and consist of skirting Lake Llanquihue by trasferí or bus, until arriving at Saltos de Petrohué, where a stop is usually made to appreciate the place.

From there, you start on a dirt road along the slopes of the Osorno Volcano and bordering the Petrohué River until you reach Petrohué where you board a catamaran that will transport you, sailing through Todos los Santos Lake, in a period of 2 hours. approximately to Peulla, a small town located at the eastern end of Lake Todos Los Santos, very close to the border with Argentina. One of the tours most demanded by visitors.

Puerto Varas is a tourist destination par excellence, therefore there is a wide range of activities that can be carried out throughout the area, from city tours to sailing in Patagonian lakes, climbing the Osorno volcano or fly fishing in sectors with world recognition in the region. subject.