A high-level gastronomy to show you the richest in the area.

Restaurant Casa Valdés

Located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, in the northern sector of the Puerto Varas waterfront, at CASAVALDES the specialty is the preparation of dishes based on seafood, with a traditional Basque cuisine and a great concern for the freshness of the fish and shellfish. Features a pool for oysters and other live seafood to serve and to go.

Style: Rustic

Specialty: Fish and seafood

Maximum Capacity in Hall: 100 People

Telephone: 65 2237551



Instagram: @casavaldes_

Restaurant La Marca

Almost 10 years ago, we began with this dream that has marked our lives. From the beginning, we have put all our drive and passion in this venture that was born with the purpose of rescuing the secrets of country cuisine, which are part of the gastronomic tradition of southern Chile, to share them with all of you.

Specialty: Grilled meats and Typical Chilean Dishes.

Location: KM 1,5 Ruta 225 Puerto Varas.

Phone: 65 223 2026



Instagram: @restaurantlamarca

Mesa Tropera

Eating – especially eating well – should be a ritual where the senses are pleased to reach the depths of the soul; in which our spirit is nourished by space and those around us.

Style: Pizzeria and Italo-Patagónica Craft Brewery

Capacity: 160 people.

Telephone: 652 23 79 73



Instagram: @mesatropera


Style: restaurant and grill offering grilled meats, lamb, fish and some slow cooker and smoked preparations, and other specialties.

Capacity: 50 people

Phone: +56999748419

Address: Santa Rosa 131, Puerto Varas.

Contact: valdeslafo@gmail.coml


Instagram: @aurelia_restaurante